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Duck Boats proved unbreakable during celebratory ride through Harvard Square

Jane Krakowski


Photographynatalia loves Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, so she couldn't possibly miss the Duck Boat ride some of the cast took through Harvard Square on Thursday night as part of an honor from the Harvard Lampoon, including Jane Krakowski.



If she and the guy behind her are auditioning for who gets to play Louise Linton and her husband, they're a lock-in!


Hey Adam, normally you link to the original source... would love to see more of these shots but none of these links bring me to the photographers account.

Both to you and to Natalia. Looks like I didn't click hard enough on her site's link or something and wound up repeating a link to background info on the show, sigh. But I've fixed that - the Duck-Boat link above now links to more of the photos she took.