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Dump truck plunges through top of Quincy parking garage

Dump truck falls through Quincy garage

Quincy Police report the top of the garage at 1261 Furnace Brook Parkway proved unequal to the task of supporting a dump truck driven up there today. No injuries, at least, police say. More photos.



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Why was there a dump truck up there?

Looks like what happened to the garage in Medford, too.

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Report on TV news I saw reported the driver said his navigation app told him to go that way (?!?).

Seriously, if you are using Waze or Google Maps or whatever it doesn't mean you can turn off your common sense.

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Like those at T stations like Alewife or the downtown garages. I was wondering the same thing until finding where this happened.

It's really a two-level parking lot with each level having access from different street.

From Google streetview:

So I can see how that dump truck could get on the top level of the "garage" that wasn't built to support the truck and its load (reports said the driver was using directions from the GPS which told him to turn into the garage).

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This is why Medford has a city lot and not a city garage anymore.

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Sadly. The last thing Medford Sq needs is more parking.

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The "roof" of this parking garage is at grade with Copeland Street, and looking at Google Streetview there aren't any weight limit signs at the entrance. According to some media accounts, he was looking for a place to turn around because he accidentally ended up on Furnace Brook Parkway. I could see the driver accidentally turning and driving through thinking that it either connected with the next street over or opened up into a much larger area behind the building to do a U-Turn.

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Are parking structures typically built to only support lighter civilian vehicles? Would a commercial operator be expected to know not to go up there in the absence of a weight limit sign?

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He'd didn't really go "up there". It's more of a parking deck. The entrance he used is at street level. There is no transition down a floor. That lower entrance is on the back street which is down grade from the entrance street he used. He had no way of knowing he was on a hollow structure and not on the ground, especially since the beginning of the driveway he was on was on solid ground initially.

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