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Some major egret on the Charles

Egret on the Charles

Yesterday afternoon, an egret waded along the shallows on the Cutler Park side of the Charles in Dedham for awhile, before a duck got it riled and it began flapping its wings and tried to make the duck go away and then it walked onto a sandbar in the low river before flying the final 30 feet or so to the Millennium Park side of the river in West Roxbury.

Egrets, she's seen a few.


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its way.

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That is a fine photo of a fine bird.

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I saw it with my kids today and thought it was some kind of white heron. Beautiful bird.

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Turns out an egret is a type of heron (I found out while researching egrets). There are several kinds of herons - including great blue herons, which look similar to egrets, only, well, bluer, and with a black racing stripe, and black-crowned night herons, which lost out in the long-leg department.

All three have made appearances at Millennium Park.

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