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On Fare Hike Day, the Mattapan Line stops running; until the buses come, riders can get in some sunning

The MBTA tries to assure Mattapan Line riders that buses are on the way now that the trolleys have ceased to move due to "an overhead power problem," but allows as to how they should expect delays.

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Is not something this State does very well.
They should outsource it to a few private companies and see if they can do better.
I think people would gladly pay more if it was reliable, clean and safe.

Keolis runs commuter rail?



From your post I am assuming you do not take the commuter rail that is run by Keolis? All privatization does is give commuters someone that has even less accountability than the T.

Is open up the air conditioned police office at Mattapan for the elderly and mothers with small children to use the restrooms while they are waiting for shuttle buses.


The Mattapan Line charges a fare?