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On this Fare Increase Day, Blue Line has a delay

The Blue Line has some of the newer cars on the T system, but that didn't stop one from dying at Wonderland this morning, causing delays of up to ten minutes.

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"You're paying for the inconvenience!"

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.... it should be the traditional: "We'll be there when we get there"
The way things are going now on the T, it has to be..... "We'll be there if we get there"

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You people need to get a grip. If I drive down the road on any given day, there's no guarantee that someone won't be digging up the road for a water or gas break, or someone got a little aggresive and crashed. Delays are inevitable and can only increase as we pack more people in to the city.

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...At least one line daily has dead trains, signal problems, etc.

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