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Former MBTA safety official says he was fired for bringing up safety issues

The Globe reports his complaints range from the runaway Red Line train to a Green Line derailment this past February. The T says he's misrepresenting things.



US transit agencies refuse to adopt proven common sense safety practices used all over the world (ie. point-and-call system) and are under constant pressure to run an antiquated, poorly maintained system on time. What's wrong with the culture? If there were any pride in the MBTA, the org would have rallied to this inspector to promote a culture of excellence instead of tying his hands.

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Once again, remember that none of this is the responsibility of Charlie Faker.

The Chief Safety Officer reports serious life threatening safety problems, but of course the Baker administration says he's lying.

Who do you believe? Faker of course. 4 more years!

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Move along. Everything is fine. Charlie Trump says it's fake news.

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Ok, not that shocked.

Again, thanks Baker for doing nothing to actually fix the T.

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Baker doesn't seem to know the difference between a private outfit and the MBTA. If Nickle made those statements at a private office, then he could be cited for providing material that competitors may sort through for details on trade secrets, etc. But the MBTA isn't a private outfit, its a public transit agency. Baker created the FMCB to do exactly what Nickle did, generate an open book concerning T issues and how to resolve them. The FMCB has become stagecraft. Nickle's 88-page report is raw and ugly. Baker's strategy will come back to bite him.

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The safety official complains to the Feds about safety violations on the MBTA. He gets fired and the Feds he complained to are hired by the MBTA as high priced consultants to do a report clearing them of any wrongdoing.

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You have been safety inspector for two years. What initiatives have you spearheaded in that time?
Homer: Uh... all of them?


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Executives at MassDOT don’t hold the MBTA accountable for safety. A safety briefing is not even a line item in MassDOT’s board meeting agendas. Should it come as a surprise that the corporate culture is to turn a blind eye?

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are in that room of unread papers at the RMV.

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