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Former Morrissey Boulevard restaurant and banquet hall could be replaced by six-story residential building

The Dorchester Reporter reports a developer is looking to put a 200-unit residential complex where the Phillips Old Colony House and Freeport Tavern - and before that, Blinstrub's Old Colony - used to be on Morrissey Boulevard.

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Normally. I'm pretty open to new development. But unless there is going to be some sort of shuttle to the Red Line, every one of these condo owners will need a car since there is not even a bus line that runs near there.

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If the Greenland ice keeps melting, they’ll need a water taxi!

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What sucks is that the red line Braintree branch goes pretty close to there but the odds of a new station being built are probably slim to none. Where National Wholesale Liquidator (nee Bradlee's) or the National Guard is would be a good location for another T stop that would be good for lots of people on the east side of Dorchester and it would be good for development on that stretch of Morrissey.

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The Dunkies Circle would be the perfect spot for a stop.

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...if it's where I think you're talking about. That would also provide access to Lambert's.

It would be nice to put a few bus routes through there, too. I used to go to a gym over there. Half the workout was getting there.

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There was 2 bus stops over there one at the back of CVS on that side Street the other one is at the gas station at right by the gym

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If you need a vehicle.

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There is bus line across Morissey Blvd. One of the stop's is at the bottom of the pedestrian bridge over the Blvd. There is another stop on Victory Rd near the other proposed development. The schedule would need to expand to serve commuting hours. Right now, it only runs midday.

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Actually there is a bus that runs from fields corner and it runs right in front of Lambert's one of the bus stops is at CVS the other one is by the gas station

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Billy Gleason:
"Coming Spring 2023 "The Blinstrub" Luxury Living a stones throw from our overcrowded roads and highway. Live steps from our recently renovated Red Line with complete new infrastructure and cars, but no stop walkable for miles for both you and your Port Norfolk neighbors. Call today for your NEW landlocked home in Boston's BEST transportation desert."

Spot on Billy! National Wholesale Liquidator's lot is still empty with tumbleweeds rolling through, can't wait to see what they sandwich in there....

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... the Phillip's Candy House (or might this get displaced too)?


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