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Found: The kid who went 'wow!' after a Mozart performance at Symphony Hall

WGBH reports.

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I am the Boy of "WOW"
I loved the music and how
Mozart is a gift
He gave me a lift
And now I take a bow

Great story to read for starting the day.

I'm sure that it was a wonderful, unspoiled moment. I'm afraid that celebrity will go a long way to spoiling it.

You don't know a lot about autistic kids, huh?

I'm not sure I agree that there's anything wrong with this 15 seconds of fame, but autistic people are just like anyone else, and can of course become spoiled and entitled if raised that way. It's ableism and low expectations to suggest that certain aspects of human experience just don't apply to autistic people.

that he was autistic, nor does it have any relevance to what I said. I did not say that he would be spoiled, but that I feared that the moment would be spoiled. Mostly that fear was for him; that what might have been a memory of simple joy in the experience of hearing wonderful music would be transformed into a memory of the great fuss that was made over him, just for saying "wow". Not everybody likes that; a lot of kids are very embarrassed by being made much of.

or even just enjoying it, he will be fine.

... than some adult audiences wait to applaud (sometimes starting even before the music ends). Good work!

Look to the musicians to stop playing, lift their bows from stringed instruments, etc., or to the conductor to signal the end of the piece to know when to clap. It really has nothing to do with adults are unsure when to clap, it's just that sometimes the final note ends very quietly and it's polite to listen.

Crack a smile and feel good about the fact that this kid really enjoyed the concert and charmed everyone, and now the orchestra wants to reach out to him? Who knows, maybe this will influence the child so much that he will become a musician. In any event, this is a a positive thing. In a world of bad news, this is a good story.

I agree. What a bunch of drips some of these negative commenters are. Lighten up, it's Friday.
This little boy was wonderful, and the article was a joy to read.

I'd be willing to wager that a "wow" from an innocent child after a classical number was completed, meant more to the conductor and orchestra than the applause. I'll bet it made their day for sure.