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Gravestones knocked over at West Roxbury cemetery

Knocked over tombstones in West Roxbury cemetery

Some of the downed gravestones. Photo by Ken Martin.

WHDH reports more than a dozen gravestones were knocked down at St. Joseph Cemetery, between Baker and Lagrange streets in West Roxbury.



On a slope above Baker St., across from the Jewish cemetery.

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shatter their kneecaps. End of story.

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Among the many relatives my family have buried at St. Joseph's is my great-grandfather who served in WWI. He survived the war, but suffered ill health the rest of his life upon his return from the the effects of a mustard gas attack while serving overseas. The person(s) vandalizing the gravestones of the dead have no respect for those who have served, mothers, fathers, babies who died in infancy, people who suffered horrible deaths from disease, people who gave back to their community, children who died before they had a chance to live a full life, brothers, sisters, people who made a difference in the world, working class families who spent thousands of dollars that the couldn't afford to give their loved ones a burial with a headstone.

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There are juvenile things that kids do that at least sound like they would be fun (TP-ing a tree etc), but this is just mean and not even fun. I chalk it up to being raised with bad morals or perhaps none at all. A sentence of six months polishing headstones with a dry cloth (after they pay to fix the graves they desecrated) sounds about right to me.

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