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Green Line power near North Station is ill fated: One trolley there has to be evacuated

The Green Line is dead in the area of North Station due to a problem with the overhead power wire, as in, it fell down. A trolley that had just left the station for Science Park died in the tunnel and now Boston firefighters are arriving both to investigate the wire issue and to help evacuate a passenger in a wheelchair - after T workers led other passengers down the tracks back to the station. The T says it is rounding up buses for a shuttle between Government Center and Lechmere.



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A very bad joke and the joke is on us. Heads should roll but they will probably get a raise. Thanks to BFD and BPD for their professionalism can't say the same for the Transit Police.

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Wires also fell down on the trackless trolleys out of Harvard Station one recent evening. Is this a new problem?

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