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Homeless man charged with being the guy who tried to get two pre-teens into an alley in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report arresting Lionel Ivan Brathwaite, Jr., this morning for an incident in which police say he grabbed a pre-teen girl's arm and tried to force her and her sister into an alley.

Police had obtained a warrant for his Brathwaite's arrest yesterday for two counts of kidnapping. Police say officers patrolling Central Square spotted him and arrested him at 7:25 this morning.

Police say the two sisters were walking home late Thursday afternoon when Brathwaite, smelling of alcohol, came up to them in the area of Pleasant and Auburn streets, asked them for directions, then grabbed one by the arm:

He then proceeded to walk with the sisters down several streets and then stopped at what was believed to be Salem Street. After asking the sisters if they wanted to go down an alley with him, the sisters said no, the suspect stated he was sorry and he then removed his hands from one of the sisters. They both then ran towards their home.

Police say they are continuing to investigate a separate incident on Feb. 3, in which a 17-year-old says she was followed home from Central Square by an unknown man.

Innocent, etc.



I will forward this story to anyone who thinks it's a good thing to have so many homeless shelter beds in Central Square.

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Even in the cold.
Imagine if Central cleaned up. I don’t mind the occasional weed puffing artists in the alley but dodging shit and puke and beggars is another thing. I guess I’ve just become used to it -sigh-. FWIW my own ex husband of 12 years became homeless in Central and stayed in the Albany St. shelter where he repeatly ran into issues of theft and being attacked and hospitalized repeatedly. As it goes as a drunk homeless person. It was scary. Fortunately he’s in a safe setting now. Dealing with all these people with major problems is such an issue. I’m compassionate yet please let’s try and clean it up. In my 25 years around here enough is enough.

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