Hopefully, none of them fell in

Winter sailing on the Charles River

Roving UHub photographer Alice Murphy was amazed to see some BU kids sailing on the Charles today.


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People surf on the Cape in the winter. I've gone whitewater kayaking in winter. The key is having the right gear.

There's no ice between the BU

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There's no ice between the BU Bridge and the Harvard Bridge, the only place the BU boats can sail. They are too tall to go under the bridges.

Yet ice-fishers take

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Yet ice-fishers take measurements of the ice to estimate the load capacity, have decades of experience and safety equipment yet are illegally removed from the Charles.

Why no panicky nanny-staters for this?

It's called frostbiting

People sail in winter in cold climates. It's called frostbiting. The college sailors are wearing dry suits and have a chase boat near by.

I wouldn't call it

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I wouldn't call it frostbiting. This is collegiate sailing. The spring regatta schedule in New England kicked off last weekend with Roger Williams University winning the Hap Moore at the Coast Guard Academy.