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Improper Bostonian folds

Improper Bostonian

Improper Bostonian Publisher Wendy Semonian Eppich announced the magazine for Bostonian bon vivants is shutting down, effective immediately.

While this news might be surprising, the company has had a great run and we’re hopefully leaving this incredible city better and brighter since our inception in 1991.

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I had no idea the Improper Bostonian still existed.


You are confusing it with the Herald.


Readers should just subscribe to the Globe. That's for upper crust people. The Sunday Globe magazine is basically tailored for the 1%ers. Yesterday's big news on the website was a taste test at Flour Bakery. I guess a McDonald's taste test is out of the question.


people dozing off as I natter on about some little taqueria or regional Chinese joint, so I get your indifference.

But I really liked that Flour vs. Tatte piece in the Globe. Conversational, entertaining, and even-handed in its appraisal of the most popular indie bakery/cafe group in the city vs. its new upstart competitor. I don't frequent either of them (not a big pastry guy, and I make great coffee at home), but that was a fine piece of food writing, in my book.


I am an Improper Bostonian
Don't run around with hooligans
I've been here since 91
It's been ton of fun
But you won't be seeing me again

I've haven't picked up an Improper in 5 or 6 years, but I'm still surprised.

I was annoyed when they moved so far upscale, but I doubt they would survived regardless of their target audience.

People like Scratchie above will pretend they don’t know about it or say it sucks or whatever. Those people are obviously losers that are jealous of the local celebrities, chefs, fashionistas, and local talents like Adam featured in the Improper.

Lots of people will be like, “There is no way I would ever allow my photo to be taken in the Improper.”

Haha, yeah whatever you say Chief. You probably don’t have the phenotype to be photographed so don’t worry about it.

I’m pretty sure the Improper has been distributed on every corner, free of charge, for the purpose of humiliating the losers. Pretty funny that they did that for so long but probably not the best business model.


I too have seen Improper plenty of places in Boston for years. Usually pick up a copy, flip through and read a few articles... learn about new local spots I'd like to check out, enjoy the beautiful photography, etc. Lots of people these days seem to not be interested in reading unless it's online, and are generally just not curious about things outside of their small bubble which is sadly why we have 45 in office and small indie publications going extinct.


come across very well. Not sure where your obsession with "losers" is coming from.


Even 25+ years ago the Improper has only ever existed to stroke the egos of those who bought full page ads and show off who was able to get into Zanzibar or have your pic taken with Seth and his new girlfriend.

Oh, how I fondly remember way back when The Dig was scoffed at as a joke by the established mags.

Don't worry Jonathan, you'll find something to do.

Who knows? How does Improper Nantucketer sound?


were tapped into some of the good underground music that was floating around the city. Improper is just a tool for the downtown 1% to stroke their own egos.

I honestly thought this was a trophywifelinda post.


more or less. They got a room.

But I don’t appreciate being compared to TrophyWifeLinda. You can tell by the diction of the posts that the TrophyWifeLinda sock puppet is authored by some dude that that is 60+. I am young.

I’m all for good sock puppets but TrophyWifeLinda only makes Bad Posts which are not funny or interesting. Contrast that with my Good Posts about Boston and contemporary culture which are insightful.

There is a technical glitch in the thumbs up feature which results in my handle being awarded many fewer thumbs ups than I actually receive. If Adam fixes that, you would not be so insolent toward me.

(well knock me over with a feather)

Improper has always been silly tabloid pablum about a minuscule little pond in the great ocean of the world.

When retail began its slow death, print advertising died with it.

No one will care or even remember it by next month.

How far into the Coachella lineup can you get before you stop recognizing artists?

I didn't even know they were still publishing.
Hopefully everyone finds a new job , writing for a magazine seems like a tough gig in a shrinking market.

This is a bummer. I particularly enjoyed Uhub commenter MC Slims restaurant reviews.


Where is MCSlimJB going to post his restaurant reviews now? Or more likely what else will he be doing since he probably won't review restaurants anymore if it's not a paying gig.


dozens of good people who lost their jobs today.


Please keep us posted here at UHub if you start publishing elsewhere.

game of musical chairs has been going on for as long as I've been in the business (13 years or so). There aren't that many perches left, and I expect the number will continue to shrink.

I was lucky enough to land at The Improper after the Phoenix folded and stuck there for six years, 126 full-length restaurant reviews, a bunch of cover features, and five sets of Boston's Best awards in the Food & Drink and Bars & Nightclubs categories. Tomorrow never knows.


to read your reviews. Thanks for those, and looking forward to more.

Improper Bostonian, Don't forget to pick up all of your magazine boxes around the City before you leave town.

seriously who cares? Has that glossy rag published ANYTHING worthwhile....ever? Fellating high end restaurants and $5000 a plate cultural and political events is a poor way to grab eyeballs. I am more shocked it even lasted THIS long.

routinely included more downmarket restaurants. The kind of charity events you're referring to also got scant coverage. But thanks for weighing in.



I'll miss them. I enjoyed the regular columns (John Spooner, Jon Soroff, Ezra Dyer and MC Slim ) and got a good laugh out of the fashion pages. It was fun reading people who did not take themselves too seriously.

The club down the Cape ? It was still open ?