Man once caught driving with a ton of marijuana arrested trying to claim 45 pounds of pot at Cambridge hotel

Cambridge Police report arresting a Utah man after he tried to claim packages at a Memorial Drive hotel at which he wasn't even staying yesterday - and after he tried hiding from police by secreting himself inside a car trunk in the hotel's garage.

It turned out, police say, the three boxes contained about 45 pounds of pot, with a street value of between $75,000 and $100,000.

Police say Stanley Suojanen, 39, of Cedar Hills, UT, showed up at the hotel, which police did not name, around 1:45 p.m. to try to claim the packages. Police say hotel clerks, suspicious of a man who wasn't a guest trying to claim the boxes, called police:

When officers arrived, the suspect fled the area. After a brief search, the suspect was located inside the trunk of a vehicle inside the hotel’s parking garage. A search of the packages was conducted. Three boxed crates with multiple bags of marijuana weighing a total of approximately 45 pounds with a street value between $75,000-$100,000, as well as nearly $4,000 in US currency, four cell phones, several keys and a prepaid debit card were recovered.

Suojanen served 4 1/2 years in federal prison after a 2009 conviction for trafficking marijuana in Nebraska while on a trek from Utah to Iowa.

His arrest in that case came after a sheriff's deputy pulled him over because the state name on his license plate was obscured by his BYU license plate holder. The deputy became suspicious when Suojanen acted extremely nervous, one thing led to another and the deputy discovered nearly a ton of marijuana in his pickup's bed.

Innocent, etc.



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Which Hotel?

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I'll check the Cambridge Daily Police Report. Its either the Hyatt or the Marriott which used to be a HoJos back in the day. That one has an open garage.

can you imagine?

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shitting yourself with anxiety over a cop talking to you at your driver-side window because a ton of pot is your cargo, then going to jail for 4.5 years.......and still at it?

holy fuck. I'm guessing there is mental illness here that is somehow manifesting as criminality

Drug Dealers

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Just remember, if drug dealers were smart, they would use their entrepreneurial skills to a new business model.

On my street, we have a neighborhood drug dealer. He's been there for about a year. Don't even need to talk to him to know he's selling drugs.. always on the same corner, wearing the same red sweatpants.. day or not, 6am or 6pm. Always out. If he ain't up to no good, he's at least loitering.

Dude has been arrested twice, in jail for both. Got back out and within 2 weeks is back on our corner again.

(FWIW, I've called CPD and had a discussion with chief about this issue.. I can't say much but there's a reason why they haven't picked him up... YET)

You also have to consider

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You also have to consider that once you get caught the first time its much harder to use those skills. Investors and Banks tend to look down on convicted Fellons.