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Man's body pulled from Charles River

State Police report divers pulled a man's body from the Charles River near the Longfellow Bridge around 6 p.m.

The body has been identified as that of a 61-year-old man. Evidence was located connecting him to a homeless shelter in Boston. There were no obvious signs of trauma to the body.

State Police say his body was turned over to the state medical examiner for an autopsy.




Rest In Peace.

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when he was breathing. I got off a red line earlier today. As usual it was packed. Vast majority were college aged 'kids', tourists, etc. Everyone I heard speaking did not have a Boston Eastern MA accent. 2 old guys got on together. They were homeless. They were reasonably clean, didn't stink, etc. They talked to each other. A group of college undergrads spent the next 15 LONG minutes mocking the old homeless men. They were particularly amused by the men's Boston accent. It was brutal.

No. Old homeless men are more often than not a source for amusement, abuse, contempt, and outright sadism.

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A group of college undergrads spent the next 15 LONG minutes mocking the old homeless men.

I ride the T on a daily basis, and I honestly cannot envision a scenario in which the other passengers would allow the mockery of homeless people to continue for 15 minutes.

At the risk of sounding like a keyboard warrior, may I ask:

Did you not consider intervening yourself
calling the MBTA police on your cellphone to very loudly describe the situation to the police and the rest of the train?

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They were sitting far enough away, and they were weren't loud. Just casually cracking jokes.

I didn't mean to imply they went right up to the men and harassed them.

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Sure they did.

If you got off the train when the men got on, how do you know what happened on that train? It was a great virtue signaling story, but you messed up the details.

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it did happen. And I am not 'virtue signalling'. There are regulars posting on here who virtue signal all the time. I'm not one of them.

Why do you believe it didn't happen?

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