Maverick Square could get new residential building across from T stop

Architect's rendering of proposed Maverick Square building

Architect's rendering. T stop on the right.

MG2, which has a number of East Boston projects under development, is proposing a six-story, 25-unit residential building on what is now a parking lot at Maverick Square and Sumner Street, across from the Blue Line station and bus stop.

The proposed building would have retail space on both the first and second floors - with the second floor likely to be leased to a full-service restaurant - according to MG2's filing with the BPDA.

The proposal calls for no parking spaces for tenants because of its location next to the T stop. The location is also a short walk to a water-taxi stop.

The filing does not specify whether the residential units would be apartments or condos. Most would have either one or two bedrooms; one unit would have three bedrooms and three would be studios. Three of the units would be rented or sold as affordable.

In addition to the BPDA, the Zoning Board of Appeals would also have to approve the project.

2-10 Maverick Sq. project page (filing not yet posted).



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This is the perfect place for

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This is the perfect place for adding density of people without adding cars. Leaving out parking is better for the neighborhood, and keeps the cost of the project down.

Is there also no parking for the retail customers?

I don't understand why they would even mention the water taxi, when the Blue Line is more frequent, closer, and way cheaper (the water taxi is $15 each way, or $350 a month).


sounds gentrificationtastic

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sounds gentrificationtastic and the existing restaurants and stores there will TOTALLY be allowed to reopen in this new structure right???

Its a parking lot. The last

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Its a parking lot. The last building on that lot was torn down years ago. They are adding new retail space, nothing will be taken away. Not even the gross 7-11 next door.


What about the guy who stands

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What about the guy who stands outside Clippership liquors without a shirt on and asks you for change every day , can he stay ?
Also more seriously , what about tamale lady? I hope she can stay.

East Boston trivia

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If you think the 7-11 is gross (and it is), as a long time East Boston resident I can tell you the little known or remembered fact that up until 1971 or so, the location where the 7-11 now stands was a live chicken place!

Like is mentioned in the

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the existing restaurants and stores there will TOTALLY be allowed to reopen in this new structure right???

Considering the current site is a parking lot and the building will have no parking, the answer is technically no.

I’m with you on the overall sentiment though. This company has played a huge part in the southification of the neighborhood, and I just can’t wait for the Maverick station choke point to get even worse.


If we can't build housing at

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If we can't build housing at Maverick, where should we build it? Out on Route 1 somewhere with a giant parking lot?



But I know an orange dinosaur you can check in with on that.

No, no it doesn't.

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If you're concerned about development displacing existing stores, you should be a danged cheerleader for this development precisely because it's relieving some development pressure without displacing the things you love.

But you aren't. You were lazy in reading the headline of the article, and now you're being lazy in admitting fault.

Yet another example of the g

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Yet another example of the g-word just being casually thrown when it's not applicable because you happen to not like this proposal.


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No garage? I won’t be buying here.

Fond memories

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May be irrelevant, but when I first moved to Boston I spent time in what was the last building on the left. A friend of a friend had an apartment in the building and there was a roof deck with the most amazing view. Fond memories of being poor, but in a cool neighborhood.