The MBTA can only take so much sass

After the date and time of the Patriots Duck Boat parade was announced, Steve Koczela tweeted:

The Duck Boats run more frequently than the MBTA orange line.

The MBTA replied three minutes later:

At which station have you been awaiting an OL train since 10/31/18?


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No veritable skin in the game....

I do not know even which side to take, being Uber guy and all.. totally above the fray in all matters financial and moral even.. buuuuuuuuutttttt.....

Ooooooooooooh... you gonna take that???????

I can't imagine being this bitter

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That you think that the 30 seconds it took someone on Twitter to tweet this on the behalf of the MBTA could have magically been turned into something so productive that it would have improved the organization for the rest of our foreseeable lives.


The T / MassDOT Has a 4 Member PR Team

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Goddard, Pesaturo, Marvin & Peyton. Their job 24/7 is to put lipstick on a pig. I still remember freezing my butt off for an hour waiting for a trolley - and the PR team is talking about the beauty of snow. Something has got to give.

Could be funnier

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This would be funnier if the MBTA had not been totally FUBAR this afternoon / early evening.


Sometime today

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a station where someone _has_ been waiting since 10/31/18 will be found.

It's the MBTA, after all.


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Someone right after that zinged the T back with mentioning that Dudley hasn't had Orange Line service since WAY BEFORE 10/31/18. I took that to also be a slam against the Silver Lie.


Sorry MBTA

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Your defensive attitude is as offensive as the Rams were yesterday.

In other words...

By on offense at all?

Not quite sure what effect you were going for here.

MBTA vs LA Metro

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the MBTA has been sassy on twitter lately..

(thank you DTP for noticing!)