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MBTA shows off new Red Line cars - which have a lot of testing to go through before they go into service

First New Red Line Cars Arrive in Boston

Chris Lovett of BNN took a tour at the T's Cabot Yard in South Boston today. The cars look a lot like the new Orange Line cars, except a bit wider and a lot redder. The goal is to replace all the current Red Line cars by 2023.

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The new cars will all have surveillance cameras. One can only imagine what the videos will capture ranging from the bizarre to the cruel on the wacky world of T TV.

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But in the meantime, in addition to the old red line cars breaking down every day, the T in its infinite wisdom has chosen to close the red line downtown on weekends during Christmas shopping season to address maintenance issues that have been ignored for 10-20 years. It's not just retailers but also restaurants, bars, entertainment, and tourists that will suffer during holiday season, not to mention the people that work in all these industries.

And yes I know there will be shuttle buses, which I am sure will not be a complete clusterfxxk.

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I still haven’t seen any orange line cars.

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When are all the Orange Line cars going to be replaced? I'm a twice-daily Orange Line rider from Forest Hills to North Station. Even on weekends. I've only ridden 2 times on a new train.

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Vegas has set the over/under at March, 2021.

(Take the over.)

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They had already been delayed twice before they arrived
that was by the end of 2018, then spring 2019
and now we have one or two sets as we head to 2020.
no inspiring confidence. sort of like the forest hills construction. Is it finally done?

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The Type 8 Bredas were delivered in 1998 and didn't get into real service until 2004-5.

My guestimate is 2024 by the time the Red/Orange lines have the new fleet up and running.

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Am I seeing things, or are there hardly any seats? They also look tiny. At least the seats we've always had are reasonably comfortable.

First world problems, I know...

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At least from the 3 or4 times I'd ridden on them, always at rush hour. They definitely have less seats on the train. And argument can be made that at least people with a larger posterior will be able to sit, and there is good space for wheelchairs and strollers, but one of the things I don't complain about on the older stock is seating.

Conversely, they should be a lot more dependable.

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