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Mission Hill residents watched their roommate's TV - being carried out of their apartment by a burglar

Boston Police report arresting a local man last night after he allegedly lifted a flat-screen TV from an apartment at 98 Calumet St. - as two residents on their couch watched him leave with the TV under his arm.

Police say Michael Castellucci, 35, wound up on Washington Street in Dudley Square, where officers spotted him and he spotted them and began to run:

The suspect was eventually placed in custody after a violent struggle in the rear of 55 Roxbury St.

Castellucci was charged with breaking and entering, assault and resisting arrest, police say. They did not say whether he still had the TV with him by the time he got to Dudley Square.

Innocent, etc.

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I'd like to hear the full story.

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I'm guessing that's where the assault charge comes in.

If somebody barges in and flashes a weapon, you can bet I'm letting him have the stupid TV.

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"I'm just taking Dave's TV."
"Dave's not here, man."

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Guy did not have TV. Guy spat a lot at everybody. Guy has a history of doing bad things. etc, etc

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Also surprised to see BPD referring to Mission Hill as Roxbury (I mean, technically yes, but...) and spelling Calumet with two ls.

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That because prior to gentrification and the NEU taking control of so much land, Mission Hill was considered Roxbury. Only people who are new to the city think that Mission Hill is not. No fault of your own, the city has a wonderful way of whitewashing lots of its true history.

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for the same people you are talking about.

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Yes, Mission Hill has always been a part of Roxbury, and by that I mean going back to the 17th century, but my gut on the split was that since Mission Hill stayed, um, basically the same while the rest of Roxbury, er, "changed," there began a disconnect between Mission Hill and the rest of Roxbury. We are talking the 1950s through 1980s, to say the least. That predates gentrification, though with the gentrification of Fort Hill, perhaps people are thinking of Mission Hill as more a part of Roxbury (which, to be clear, it has always been) again.

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Jamaica Plain and the Longwood Medical Area are also in Roxbury.

It's also not technically Mission Hill. It's Parker Hill.

Also "whitewashing"? Is that supposed to be a dog whistle or something? The neighborhood used to be full of German and Polish brewery workers until those places went under mid century.

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They left Roxbury in 1851 and became "West Roxbury." Been distinct since then. Saying that Jamaica Plain is a part of Roxbury is like saying that Hyde Park is a part of Dedham or that Somerville is a part of Charlestown.

LMA is definitely a part of Roxbury, though.

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You'll find addresses on the Jackson Sq side of Hyde Sq are considered to be Roxbury by the DPW (trash, recycling, and street cleaning) and JP by the Election Dept and Post Office. Makes it fun to figure out the trash days when one first moves in.

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I'm surprised TV's are even worth stealing. You can get a huge flat screen on Craigslist for like $100. I even see smaller flat screens on the curb.

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I had always thought of Mission Hill like Savin hill or Readville. Part of another “town” but kind of has their own identity due to a significant break or bottle neck getting there

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Do you work for 311? Because every time I've called them (after they've either ignored my app reports or closed them with an off-topic response), they've asked for the address, and then asked what town that's in.

Me: It's in Boston, which is a city. This is Boston 311 right?

Them: Yes, but I need to know which town it's in.

Me: Boston continues to be a city.

Them: I don't know anything about that, but I need to know which town it's in -- Dorchester, Hyde Park...

Me: Oh, if you're asking for the neighborhood of Boston, sure, I'm happy to provide that.

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