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The most Massachusetts menu in all Massachusetts

Agawam Diner in Rowley

We headed north today to get some July Fourth clam stuff at the Clam Box, but the line was way too long for certain hungry members of the family, so instead we went to the Agawam Diner (conveniently located at the intersection of routes 1 and 133), where the specials include American Chop Suey on Tuesdays, boiled dinner on Thursdays, hamburg plates all the time and your choice of tonics (extra large is just $2.25) and frappes. If the food is too much, the waitress will offer you a Market Basket bag to carry out your leftovers. If you go, bring cash - credit cards not accepted.

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They also have amazing home baked pies!

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We go for the chicken (pot-)pie! It comes with a cup of soup, soda, sorry, tonic or coffee, and mashed. Love the Agawam!

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It's heretical to say, but this place is a stone's throw from Ipswich, so it shouldn't be shocking that the fried clams here are excellent. My last meal would be the fried clams plate from the Ag.

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If not, they could probably just heat up some Karo Syrup, and pour it over vanilla ice-cream, and call it that. It would make a good follow-up to American Chop Suey.

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Isn't that logo racist and problematic?

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The so called logo referred to is far from racist. My god, the Agawam diner is named after the Massachusetts native American tribe named the AGAWAM lndians, native to that area long ago. I lived on the North Shore for 25 yrs & went to the Agawam Diner often, as well as the Clam Box & Woodman's. I now reside in Northern NH on the Ammonoosuc River, named after an area native
American lndian tribe. There is also a golf course in Jefferson, NH called Wabutek with a similar logo and people are not offended or find it racist, it's simply honoring a local native American tribe from history. How politically correct do Massachusetts people have to be. Your STATE was named after a Native American tribe!

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Fear not, Minka!

All of these intrepid warriors will now boycott a restaurant that's been around for, oh, 50 years or so, that they just found out about today.

They'll find something else to be outraged about tomorrow, so no worries.

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There's no reason to make shit-tier Howie Carr jokes and troll the libs just because you're imagining that there must be some purple-haired grad student at Wellesley who just can't sleep at night knowing that this restaurant is still in business. There's not. You've just invented a scenario to get mad at so Herald readers can revel in their victimhood complexes, when in reality nobody has ever complained about this, and in all likelihood, nobody ever will.

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Boiled dinners are also popular in Newfoundland.

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