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Motorcyclists converged on Framingham on Sunday to raise funds for kids with brain cancer

A lot of motorcycles in Framingham

Bob Lynch, a.k.a., Redlight, vice president of he American Legion Riders Chapter 78 out of the Fogg Roberts Legion post in Hyde Park, snapped some of the scores of motorcycles and riders who gathered Sunday morning at Bose headquarters in Framingham.

Bikers from across eastern Massachusetts rode to Framingham to meet some of the kids being helped by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, whom Lynch reports are "some of the strongest kids you'll meet." About 10 riders left Hyde Park around 6:30 a.m. for the trip out in Framingham, he says, adding his chapter donated a little more than $1,100.

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Good for them for raising money and doing something nice for those kids. And good for Bose for hosting it.

One of my daughter's kindergarten classmates has a brain tumor, and loves loves loves motorcycles... I hope he was there, this would have made his day.

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