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Mystery woman promoting event that didn't exist causes ruckuses at Whiskey Saigon

A woman managed to get several people angry at her and then ejected from Whiskey Saigon, 116 Boylston St., early on March 9. One of them wound up beaten up by other club goers.

First came the man who punched her in the cheek after she allegedly stepped in to stop a fight between him and another guy. At least, that's what she told police, a BPD detective told the Boston Licensing Board this morning.

Lt. Det. Stephen Meade told the board the woman told arriving officers she was at the club as an event promoter when she stepped in between two guys getting into an argument and broke it up. The two men walked away but then, she said, one turned, spit on the ground and ran towards the other. She told police she stepped between them again, only this time the spitting-mad guy knocked her to the ground and punched her, at which point other bar patrons jumped on the guy and began pummeling him.

Police found the guy with "a swollen eye and a fat lip," as well as scratches on his neck from his beating, Meade said.

But it was here the woman's story began to fall apart, according to a bar manager. He told the board none of his security staffers saw the alleged fight between the two men - only the woman arguing with a single man - before he punched her and got jumped by the other patrons.

The woman was allowed to stay, since she appeared to be the victim of the brouhaha, but not long after, staffers spotted more trouble - a group of patrons seemed to have begun arguing with her - to the point they were asked to leave the establishment. "They were really angry with her," the manager said.

The manager said the woman claimed she had promoted an event at Whiskey Saigon on March 7, and even, at first, showed them photos on Instagram of the event, only the event never happened and something about that got the group of people surrounding her really angry, he said. He added somebody initially even showed him the Instagram page but that between that time and the time he went to take screen captures of the Instagram page, she had deleted the page, he said.

The manager said, in fact, there was no event at Whiskey Saigon's on March 7 - it was a Thursday and the club is never open on Thursdays, so there's no way there could have been an event for her to promote. Plus, he told the board, he had never seen the woman before - the club does have a promoter, but it isn't her, he said.

The board decides Thursday whether the club could have done anything to prevent the dustups and, if so, whether any punishment is warranted.



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