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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays Boston parking enforcement officers from the swift completion of their appointed tickets

Car with a ticket in the snow in Jamaica Plain

In the Jamaica Plain Facebook group, Taams Tidwell could only marvel at the industriousness of one BTD employee this morning (the ticket is possibly for not having a residential sticker, what with the car having New Jersey plates).

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That's cold.




no difference from leaving a chair or a cone in that space.

People might start getting the hint not to park their car and leave it in a neighborhood they don't live in.


Some day even you might leave the confines of your neighborhood. Maybe.

How much did it snow in Parsippany?

I'll be careful to check road signs and parking laws to make sure I'm operating my vehicle legally - it's just the smart thing to do.

I'd prefer a system where people from New Jersey are able to visit my neighborhood, and in exchange I'm able to visit any neighborhood in the country.

You just need to follow the rules when storing your personal property on public land. But there are paid parking garages all over the country too if that's too tricky for you.

Lollll!! Gotta love Boston parking enforcement! Pay up, Jersey!


Active Duty Military can still get a sticker.

If this person was registered in Cape May but assigned to a Boston posting, then they have a case.

There are plenty of places a military member can be assigned without being at Cape May -- recruiting, ROTC, grad school, USS Constitution, etc.

That ticket predates the snow.

That's not a parking ticket.

That's a moving violation for not clearing snow from their back window.

You've got great eyesight!