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New Orange Line cars maybe, might, possibly begin to roll in mid-summer

The Globe provides the latest estimate from the T on the first of the new Orange Line cars that have been undergoing testing more extensive than the T had hoped due to some signaling software issues.

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Skilled transportation leadership would have planned for glitches two years out. Pollack made the same f-up a few weeks ago when she didn't consider new tech in the S-O-G-R budgeting -leading to a two billion plus increase. I talked with a few engineers who had to correct Pollack's budget and asked what the meetings are like with her. The response. Pollack is Garanin from the Chernobyl miniseries. Deep but accurate. Pretty much explains Boston transportation since 2015.


That the MBTA, in not putting potentially unsafe trains into service, are doing the exact opposite of what management at Chernobyl did.

Also, Pollack is not in charge of the MBTA. She runs MassDOT.

Is part of MassDOT.


The MBTA is an agency on its own.

Now, if the anon were to get off his Pollack hating kick and start pissing on the GM of the T, he'd have half a point (the part where the T's deferring to safety being akin to the honchos at Chernobyl ignoring safety being as far from a good point as possible) since the GM of the T would be the person most responsible for the T not knowing what their maintenance backlog is. Pollack's job is to make sure the GM of the T is doing his job.

When Ramirez was there, he didn't do anything. That was on purpose. Pollack ran the MBTA while Ramirez sat there like a lump. When Poftak replaced Ramirez. Things changed. With every passing month Poftak is releasing reports on each mistake Pollack made during the Ramirez era. We're talking billions in mistakes.

Why was the Globe reporting on the Orange Line? It doesn't run through Rhode Island.


So I guess I'm not the only one who noticed the Rhode Island news is a lot higher up on the Globe home page than the "Metro" section.


Apparently they are doing a thing. :rolleyes:

Not sure what's new about this?

The T has been saying summer since March 25 or so.

I guess now it's "mid-summer" instead of just "summer"?

Which year this "summer" refers to.


Now its just "summer"