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New school superintendent meets Bostonians

The Boston Sun reports on Brenda Cassellius's first swing through Boston after her appointment as school superintendent. She's a hockey player and is already becoming a Bruins fan.



Or is this another commuter superintendent? We all know and can see that Walsh has no personal stakes in BPS. It would be good if the BPS leader was also a peer with us BPS parents.

She takes care of her parents and her son is graduating High School in early June. She is trying to figure out care for her parents and also be there for her son on his graduation. After all that is wrapped up and she starts officially in the job, sometime in June, she will begin house hunting in Boston. I'm really impressed with her so far. She says all the right things and hopefully she can follow through with them.

I always held against Carol Johnson that she wouldn't even deign to move here for her very high paying, critical job.

Where Carol live? I don't remember.

Ah, house hunting in Boston, so she'll live among us?