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North Station not at its best: Delays to the north and west

Crowds at North Station

Laura Warcek is in the increasingly large horde of anxious commuters awaiting trains that the T reports are delayed due to "late arrival of equipment" on the Haverhill and Fitchburg lines.



I got there a few minutes early and boarded a train at 5:40. Only Newburyport was delayed at that time, but it was getting rather crowded. I made a good guess and was near my track when they called my train.

Got on with a new suitcase I bought at lunch, no problem.

On the other hand, a crowd was forming while I unlocked my bike - inbound Bruins fans. I wonder if larger than typical ridership inbound and having to make every stop is also causing delays?

Bruins fans are showing up early for monday's game?

I was wondering about that, too, but there were a lot of inbound folk in Bruins regalia towing every offspring old enough to walk.

Millions of viewers see a half empty arena because the trains are down. The upside I guess. When we become a national disgrace to millions, Governor Baker might, just might, give a crap about Boston's transit system. After convening another set of panels and boards, Baker might, just might, fire his patronage filled MassDOT/T staff and press reset

I don't know what happened on the Haverhill Line, but this probably explains delays on the Fitchburg: Woman, around 70, struck by commuter rail train in Concord, seriously injured

are unfortunately all too common. Lately, the 6:05 has been one of the worst in that regard.

Train accidents are tragic events but can anyone explain why train service is delayed for a hour or two until the Transit Investigators arrive on the scene from Boston? Why cant the local police who arrive in a matter of minutes investigate the accident instead of waiting for the company cops to arrive?

It is an active crime scene. Investigators need to see things as they ended up. Also, they are not "company cops." They are police officers whose jurisdiction is the rail line.

I mean, someone died. A dead person messed up my commute once, but on balance, I knew I had a better day than they did, even with the lateness.

Surely the train engineer did not deliberately hit the pedestrian, nor even have time to do anything that would prevent hitting her.

But technically there was foul play that needed to be investigated. Was the woman pushed? Did she disregard signals, or were the signals not functioning? In short, this is a bit above moving the body to the side of the tracks since it’s rush hour.

There are a number of places where pedestrian paths cross the tracks at or next to stations, and those paths are not protected by gates or flashing lights.

The 5:40 Newburyport train didn't arrive until almost 6:00.