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Old Uphams Corner comfort station to become restaurant instead of bike-themed cafe

The Dorchester Reporter reports on the change of plans and operators for the long dormant structure.

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I and many people donated a lot of money to this cause because of the 1:1 matching grant

In exchange we received vouchers for free coffee

Who is going to be held responsible for returning the donations for this project?

Did the founder take the money then decide not to follow thru?

What is the story here?

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The designer of the project promised the world and couldn't deliver. They provided false hope and lots of debt instead. The TACC needs to clamp down and review the consultants they bring into the community. What designers have experience with these types of projects vs. What designers sell snake oil.

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Thought his name was Noah Hicks? Somebody, a lot of somebodies' f an with this guy's ideas and identity. There is CPA money involved. Needs an investigation. Identity politics is not enough without business plan. New " entrepenuers " are not not from Bowdion Geneva eithah!

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I thought it was part of the cemetery.

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