Orange Line platforms running out of room; riders get an increasing sense of doom

Crowded State Street platform on the Orange Line

Eli Reusch is on a packed Orange Line platform at State, where he and other riders are beginning to wonder if they'll ever get home. The MBTA reports a train went to meet its maker at Sullivan, causing delays of up to 15 minutes.



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Just think, you will be paying more for this crappy service soon

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Don't worry Baker is raising the fares again. Remember how much better the T got after he raised them last time?!

His administration refused increased funding from the legislature saying they couldnt' handle it, but somehow increasing fees on transit riders he is able to manage.

Red-Blue connector

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This, of course, is part of the path the state thinks is a perfectly suitable alternative for actually connecting the Red and Blue lines. Just have people walk a third of a mile down platforms that look like this. That’ll work great!