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Orange Line riders just want to shout, because the power in Malden is out

The MBTA at first reported Orange Line delays of up to 20 minutes because of "a power problem" near Malden Center, then just gave up and brought in the shuttle buses between Oak Grove and Wellington.

FrettyDavis reports from Oak Grove:

Chaos at Oak Grove where we’ve been directed to non existent shuttle buses and there is no staff communication whatsoever.

Three Cats in a Trenchcoat reports:

I just over heard a dispatcher on this orange line train say they're evacuating people on a train at Wellington and that she needed a supervisor and some jumper cables. The response, "Welcome to the Orange Line".



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Oscar the Grouch and Slimy the Worm will surely have something to say about this. Magoo.

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Happy 50th Anniversary to Sesame Street!

From Slimey the Worm

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These are the things we could do without.

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More like 45 mins stuck on train

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when i saw the three, count'em, three rail fantasy advocates pat themselves on the back at the fmcb, i almost left the room to puke.

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"Chaos at Oak Grove where we’ve been directed to non existent shuttle buses and there is no staff communication whatsoever."

There is a gray haired tall gentleman there of some authority who I often hear discussing issues with T drivers. I have stopped asking him or anyone else there what the problem is because they usually say they don't know or bark something at you.

This guy I would never ask anything after I told him about a car parked outside Oak Grove station with a man slumped across the seat who looked like he might have OD'd. He told me it wasn't T property. I said, yes, I understand, but you could contact someone who could check and see if he is in trouble. I don't have a cell phone.

In other words, you can stop being officious and care about a fellow human being even if the person is not on T property.

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all the building until we can get infrastructure in place that can support a larger population. Concentrate on fixing the T, roads, schools, etc. before we have an overcrowded, broken down metropolis.

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I got to Malden center around 9:40 am, and could see the Oak Grove train not moving toward Oak Grove just south of Malden Center station. After we'd waited for about 10 minutes, an automated announcement informed us that the station was closed and there were buses to shuttle us. About 5 minutes after that, an actual human T employee came up to the platform and told us that they really meant it, and we needed to go to shuttle buses. After we'd waited downstairs for several more minutes, the same T employee told us to go back up to the train platform, as she was informed the trains would be running within 10 minutes. She also stated the gates were open (so no one had to pay the fare twice), but they were not open. We went back up to the platform, and after another few minutes we heard *another* automated announcement that the station was closed and we should all get on shuttle buses. Customers generally seemed to be thinking, "Fool me twice," and stayed on the platform despite multiple automated announcements, and after another few minutes a train did show up.

So, yeah, another stellar example of customer service and emergency management.

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