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Pennsylvania truck driver cited for taking out traffic light, pole in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report a local driver was having none of it after a truck driver took out a light post at Broadway and Inman Street yesterday and just drove away - the local followed the truck and called 911 to report its plate number and direction.

Police say the crash, around 11:10 a.m., caused the pole to crash to the ground, and that officers caught up with the trucker at Portland Street and Broadway and issued him a summons.



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Thanks you , local driver (or ped or biker) who followed through on this!

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This is right down the street from my house. If the person who chased down the scofflaw is identified, I will gladly buy him or her a beer (or several).

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Should be a felony with penalties the same as OUI.

I would think he would be a flight risk if he already fled the scene - why wasn't the driver arrested?

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Certainly seems to meet some sort of criminal level between reckless, endangering others, leaving scene and who know about OUI. I agree he’s high risk to not show and just hope he doesn’t hit a pedestrian or motorcyclist (or 10) in the meantime. So much for enforcement...

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It or were a person he should be considered a flight risk but not in this state.

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