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People stranded at Logan after Icelandic airline just shuts down


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Wow! (Pun intended)

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We took WOW to Iceland and Ireland over the years. They were very popular with their Ireland flight.

Talk about bare bones planes. The planes were like a car with roll-up windows and an AM radio in that they had no frills at all. No entertainment, no screens, no nothing. During the flight, they tried to sell you all sorts of stuff, from food to excursions at the destination.

Bit of a bummer to show up and have no flight - or airline.

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We took WOW once...once. Flight delayed for hours on end, I think the seats were just made with steel and cloth. The charge for checked bags was ludicrous and they have you over a barrel with that b/c they barely let you bring anything for a carry on. That is why I will never fly Frontier or Spirit. One experience was enough. I feel badly for those stranded.

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They are offering special deals (pay the tarrifs sort of things) for stranded WOW customers.

In other words, they want people to book their next trips with AerLingus.

I know I'm happy - booked an excursion for early summer. Put in my aunt's birth date and a discount appeared! Same thing happened years ago when I took the kids on my business trip to Dublin and they were half price!

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They were still selling tickets yesterday March 27, 2019

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They deplaned passengers at the Detroit airport and told them the airline shut down.

That sucks for anyone involved.

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