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Man hit, killed by Orange Line train at State Street

Transit Police report a man who "appeared very unsteady on his feet," stumbled and fell on the northbound tracks just as a train was entering the station at 12:14 a.m.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Service was suspended in both directions.



Suicide or tripped?

T officials said he "appeared unsteady on his feet"

My thoughts are with the families of the deceased.


My thoughts are also with the Motorman and his or her family as well.


Yes, service was suspended and they provided no shuttle busses (at least not for the 30 minutes or so people were standing standing around, wondering what was going on) and no T employees were there to answer any questions or direct customers in any way.

I understand that someone died, but to call their response she b-par would be a huge compliment.


WOW you think might have had more pressing concerns than telling you what was going on. Pretty selfish of you

...that the T needs to learn to communicate about WHATEVER it is that's going on. That's part of the job it needs to do.


Yeah, pretty selfish of me for worrying about all the stranded people that had no way to get back home - something which the mbta seemed completely unconcerned about.


It's a system, run professionally (?!). They can have protocol for this inevitable event that happens several times a year, and communicate the delay. They need not say why, of course.

As for buses, it's tough to scramble them that quickly -- to get operators to the bus garage, and then to drive the buses to each of the stations to start moving them.

But asking for some communication? Fair game and not selfish at all.

I mean, how did the T not have a contingency for a death on the line ready to launch at a moment's notice? He easily had the worst day of anyone riding the T around that time, bar none.

Also consider the time of day that this happened. There isn't exactly a throng of personnel hanging around.

To the train driver, those who saw it happen, and the man's family and friends.


For example, Amtrak and NJ Transit will announce that a train is delayed due to a "Trespasser Strike" which is their code for somebody got hit by a train. Unfortunately, these incidents are not as rare as you would think. I found this on what appears to be a reliable website "In the U.S. someone is hit by a train once every two hours"

trespasser strike is not much of a code.