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Plane on transatlantic flight forced to land at Logan after passenger's phone charger bursts into flames

State Police report a Virgin Atlantic plane, on its way from New York to London, landed at Logan last night due a fire in the passenger compartment.

State Police say plane crew members were able to put out the fire, which filled the cabin with smoke before the plane landed at Logan at 8:48 p.m.

MSP [bomb squad] located and examined a device located between the cushions of the seat that ignited. Preliminary investigation suggests it is a battery pack consistent in appearance with an external phone charger.

The plane had 217 passengers, State Police say.

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I hope we hear more about the cause. Like was the charger at fault, or the device, or the outlet (or batter?) it was plugged into.

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Or, did stuffing it between the seat cushion cause it to overheat and catch fire.

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samsung phones and chargers are notorious for heating up and catching fire. shouldn't be allowed on a plane.

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First of all, it wasn't a phone or a charger. It was an external battery pack.

These go in the cabin and not in checked luggage - you are not allowed to put them in checked luggage because any fire there might go undetected.

They cannot ban them from flights because they would have to ban things like medical devices, laptops, the digiplayers that they rent out, etc. and all sorts of stuff that uses that kind of battery.

From what the person who saw the seat catch fire said, it sounds like it was left behind from an earlier flight and did not belong to the person whose seat flamed up.

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