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Police: Cambridge Hospital patient arrested after guard finds him with loaded gun, magazines

Cambridge Police report arresting Alexis Rodriguez-Perez, 28, of Mattapan, in a room at Cambridge Hospital on Monday after, they say, a hospital security guard found two loaded 9-mm magazines stuffed in his pants and a loaded 9-mm gun in a trash can next to his bed.

Rodriguez-Perez had been brought to the hospital "after he was originally found unconscious at a Harvard Square coffee shop bathroom following a reported drug overdose," a police spokesman said. Rodriguez-Perez was about to be discharged - he was awaiting paperwork for that - when the guard made the discovery, the spokesman added.

Rodriguez-Perez was then taken for booking on two counts of carrying of a loaded firearm without a license, and possessing a firearm or ammunition without an FID Card.

Boston Police had arrested Rodriguez-Perez last July on charges he broke into two South End residential units - fleeing with four laptops and other items. He pleaded guilty in August and was sentenced to two years of probation, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Innocent, etc.

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where breaking and entering (2x), and larceny gets you "probation".

Let's see what this illegal possession of a firearm earns this fine "citizen", I am guessing another slap on the wrist.

And are we not checking a junkie's belongings when they are admitted to the hospital for an overdose to make sure they aren't bringing more illegal drugs, or say,....ILLEGAL GUNS, into a hospital???

mother of gawd.

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This is why we need to switch from a criminal justice paradign to a maintenance system for drug addicts. Let them register - like they did in Britain decades ago - and give them all the drugs they can take. With no need to buy drugs, their motivation to commit crimes goes away. No police and court costs, no criminal records, nuttin.'

Of course, you're essentially sequestering them out of human dignity, but at least they don't fuck with the rest of us any more. They'll just vegetate. Cool. Maybe a few will actually get clean some day. Bonus.

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Or cops not frisking an ex-con?
How did nobody notice? Are overdoses such a revolving door now that nobody pays attention?

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In order:

  • It's entirely possible the gun wasn't on him at all at the time he OD'd and searching people's bags could not be lower on my list of priorities, especially with a transport time of, conservatively, two minutes.
  • He wasn't under arrest, the Cambridge doesn't have cops, cops shouldn't be touching a person with a medical problem except to render aid, and it takes some doing to get to the point where your belongings get inventoried and visitors get searched in.
  • Security appears to have noticed.
  • Yes.
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