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Remember when Blue Line trains were shiny and new instead of having these problems out the wazoo?

Blue Line train evacuated at Maverick Square

Patrick McMahon was on hand when Boston firefighters arrived at Maverick to help evacuate a Blue Line train suffering from what the MBTA called "mechanical problems" around noon.



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This what happens when you don't bother to maintain a system.

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Baker/Pollack/Poftak/the FMCB go on and on about the historic amount of money being spent in the MBTA capital budget. Not much mention from them about the operating budget. If you don't spend the proper amount of operating budget on regular menaintence then all of those shiny new capital budget items will eventually start to fail too, just like the old things they replaced.

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It's dirty work, and in the end it annoys people when it is being done. Classic evidence is the chronic droning about how the rail lines should be running 24 hours a day and the gripes (I'm looking at you, Tory Bullock) when lines are shut down on the week-end for, you guessed it, maintenance.

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Spends more time on the T than most T employees

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And you’re mad because you failed to get hired, failed the minimum requirements and all you do now is complain just like everyone else.

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Just substitute one of the following words for "Blue": "Orange", "Red", or "Green".

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