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Roslindale couple, West Roxbury woman killed in New Hampshire crash

NBC Boston reports all three were thrown from their mini-van as it crashed on I-89 Sunday morning.



RIP Big Ang, Kelly and Sharon. My condolences & prayers to the kids, grandkids and family.

This is heartbreaking. Have known them for over 20 years (used to neighbors) & they were the nicest, funniest & caring people you would want to meet.

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This tragedy leaves such a huge hole in so many people, Big Ang was the best, he was my "brother" and I will miss him every day for as long as I live. Kelly LOVED her kids and grand kids, she had a hard struggle dealing with Lupus for many years but little ones kept her going. Sharon was simply electric, when she walked into the room it lit up with her energy, I've seen her run the front counter at Dunks during morning rush practically single handed. We will miss them all.

Hug your kids, parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, abandon feuds and petty bickering, when you love someone, tell them. Life is short and changes quickly without warning.

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Please. Seatbelts. Just do it. Volvo invented the modern three point seatbelt, patented it, then turned around and basically gave it away for free, to all manufacturers.


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They lost members of their family, their community in a horrible way.

So horrible and so preventable.

Don't let this be your family. Don't let this be your community. Seatbelts save lives.

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