Second billionaire from Chestnut Hill charged with paying for sex in Florida

NBC Boston reports he's a neighbor of the first and was also snared in an investigation of human trafficking.



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The first one ...

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Is definitely from the Chestnut Hill section of Brookline. The second lives a few doors down from him, but I know even less of the geography of Chestnut Hill than I do of Boston, so don't know which municipality he pays taxes to.

A neighborhood with so much money

it forms its own geographic boundaries and reroutes the air travel of millions of travelers every year just by existing. Some residents are in Newton, some Brookline - all of them think it's none of your business but thank you for your additional payment of taxes this spring to contribute to their finances to ensure that their great grandchildren won't ever have to work again.

A ground zero of thanks dads, all mewling about how they made their own money and legions of concerned 'progressives' who think socialism is a much bigger problem facing the country that Trumpism. And of course, the kind of scumbag who gives money to sex trafficking prevention organizations while keeping the sex traffickers in business.


Thanks dad?

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Yeah, unless Bob Kraft is thanking his dad for learning how to make dresses, that doesn't really apply.

Take a seat

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Your shtick is old and tired and was never funny, and is particularly tasteless and inappropriate here.


Billionaire seeks new housekeeper...

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While everyone else was going with no comment, one of the local TV news reporters got the housekeeper at Mr. Childs mansion to say, "he's not home, he's in Florida." Oops.

As for Kraft, he's a public figure who craves the media limelight. Why doesn't any reporter ask him about African American mother/prostitute Michelle Robinson? It's OK, you won't lose your press pass to Gillette. Kraft fits all of the biological description of the john in the federal court case from 2008 so if it's not him he should clear the air, especially after Jupiter. This would have been three years before Myra's death, shredding the media myth of a great family man.

It would also be nice to see a follow up on why Daniel Kraft cut ties with his father and risked his inheritance after Myra's funeral. What did Daniel know? Enough of the "everybody is shocked" nonsense.


You are a truly vile creep

WTF does Michelle Robinson Obama have to do with any of this in the least?

Other than in your contorted shit-stuffed racist creep braincase?



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Google Michelle Robinson / Bob Kraft.

Not quite sure why you are taking this on a Michelle Obama tangent nor why people are upvoting the off base comment.


Google "Michelle Robinson"

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Then look through the archive for all the times the OP has randomly attacked Obama and members of the family using archaic or made up names.

This wasn't the least bit of a jump. Completely unsurprising that the OP would call the former first lady a prostitute.


He IS a vile creep but this isn't a shot at Obama

"A Canton prostitute who admitted extorting $280,000 from a prominent local businessman in exchange for keeping their liaisons secret will be freed from jail next week but must spend six months in home confinement and risks being sent to prison if she reveals her client's identity in the next three years.

US District Court Chief Judge Mark L. Wolf accepted a controversial plea agreement yesterday that will give Michelle Robinson, 29, much less time behind bars than the approximately two to three years that federal sentencing guidelines recommend and forbids her from revealing the identity of the man she extorted with threats of public disclosure.

Wolf also ordered federal prosecutors and Robinson's lawyer to compile lists of individuals who know the businessman's name, including lawyers and FBI agents. If the businessman's identity is publicly disclosed, he said, he will use the lists to determine whether Robinson was the source of the leak or whether it came from one of the other people."

This was a weird case where someone with a lot of juice got some kid gloves treatment back in the day.



By on looks like Fishy is talking out of school. Oh what a surprise.


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Gee calling someone a racist for no reason at all. Not nice.


Oh yeah?

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Look up "Aunty Zeitune" or "Barry Soerto" other ways he has taken slimy shots, including that the two little girls.

He's utter slime and it wouldn't be surprising for him to call the former first lady a whore by pretending that her name wasn't her name - Not in the least.


Typical knee jerk response.

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Typical knee jerk response. What does Michelle Obama have to do with this comment you loon. Love how she plays the race card as if it is an automated response. Hopefully your meds get adjusted.


Less than

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When a woman told you "no, you don't get to just own women".

Part time?

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Or full time. No income tax if you are a FL resident. I know several people that spend 181 days a year in FL for tax residency.

What a pair

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Johnny Wild Childs

Handjob Bob Kraft.

This should be shocking to

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This should be shocking to learn ? Isnt there a financial empire about that was launched based on sex tape? Morality has changed, everything goes until the dust settles. It is what it is , lose the double standard ruler.

Massage Parlors

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If you believe Jupiter is the only place in the solar system where women are enslaved by pimps and sex traffickers I suggest you drive down Dorchester Avenue or through Chinatown.

How about we talk about the

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How about we talk about the real issue at hand...human trafficking. There were women being held against their will...bit more important than the semantics of Brookline/CH. But as usual the comments on UHub aren't about the victims or the real issue at hand. Truth be told this story has the most comments I have seen on UHub in regards to sexual assault, rape, trafficking...sadly that is only b/c Kraft is involved.

And before you start your flaming go back and do a search - see how many enraged comments there are about parking, space savers and off leash dogs and compare them to the comments on the stories of rape, assault, etc. The later barely have comments/discussions while the former will have pages of comments.

Human trafficking is a well known problem around the NFL, Superbowl, etc...maybe with Kraft being involved it will give Patriot Nation some pause to think more about how we can help victims of assault, rape, and human trafficking.


Avoiding the elephant in the room - illegal immigration

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Women are brought in fraudulently from China with visitor visas, working illegally, and kept long after their visa expires. Not knowing English or local celebrities protects even high-profile clients from being recognized and talked about. Call 866-DHS-2-ICE to save these women. ICE can help them stay in the US as victims. ICE targets child and adult sex crimes by Americans and others.

If you believe that

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You have another think coming.

ICE will rape the women to "prove" they are prostitutes, then deport them without legal hearing.