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Six-alarm fire destroys Roxbury church

Firefighters at Holy Mt Zion Church fire

A fire that erupted shortly around 4 a.m. tore through Holy Mt. Zion Church on Harold Street in Roxbury.

The Boston Fire Department reports one firefighter suffered a leg injury battling what turned into a six-alarm fire in the 9-degree temperatures.

Several parts of the church roof collapsed and firefighters were ordered to stay out of the building.

The department estimated damage at $1 million.

Firefighters remained at the scene after 8 a.m. (photo by Jed Hresko):

Church fire

The church moved into the former Temple Toras Moshe in 1964. The temple and related organizations in turn had moved into the complex that dates to the 1800s, on land originally owned by local auctioneer Horatio Harris, for whom the nearby park was named.

This morning's fire is not the first at the location. In 1941, a two-alarm fire tore through the building, destroying its upper two floors. Another two-alarm fire erupted in 1954.

State Rep. Chynah Tyler (D-Roxbury) has told church members she's secured space at the Melnea Cass Center for them to hold services tomorrow, according to a mailing from the Garrison-Trotter Neighborhood Association.

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Good for the BFD for not letting it spread.

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Who was the Architect/Designer of the building?

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