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Skunked in Cambridge

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Poor skonk was just freaked out.

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Control guy got sprayed by a useless stink box.

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Skunks eat grubs, which destroy your yard and garden, and small rodents, which also destroy your garden and can make a big ol' mess inside your house. Hooray for skunks! Just leave them be.

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They won't spray unless actively provoked, such as attempting to touch them or cornering one. They only have so much of the defensive spray so they wait until they think they have no other choice.

Just leave them be and they'll pose no threat. They are cute and fun to watch.

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I know a lot of people who've lost poultry to skunks. Not as bad as coyotes, but still.

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I moved into a place with a fenced in patio and soon found a skunk trucking in under the gate every night like he owned the joint.

First couple times I'd give him l lil psst just not to startle him. He'd look over and give me a head nod and go about his business.

After that I watched him but left him alone and he'd just ignore me.

Cool dude.

Skunks are welcome at my place anytime. You have to be jerk to have a problem with a quiet guy going about his business on the overnight shift.

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the skunk works?

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Well, that stinks...

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WTF so they expect them to do? Shoot them?

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That's what the city tells residents to do. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Cambridge animal-control officer is part of the police department (unlike in Boston).

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Sergeant: "Alrighty folks, that concludes our chapter on proper technique for the cleaning and maintenance of your sidearm, so we can move right along to skunk/yogurt cup entanglement. Now when you encounter this type of situation in the field, AND YOU WILL, your first instinct is going to be to approach the animal directly. Sure, that might work in the movies, but this is REAL LIFE people. Departmental procedure dictates that the first thing you're gonna want to do is... HEY! McGINTY! EYES FRONT!"

McGinty: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've seen this in the movies, Sarge. You dance around the skunk until your arms get tired and eventually the yogurt cup falls off of the skunk. BORING."


Mother Skunk: "Your father and I aren't naive, Son. We've noticed that you're starting to spend a lot more time with your friends. Don't get it 'twisted', we think it's very 'lit' that you're getting along with the other skunks, 'fam'. However, we also know that you're going to be tempted to engage in a certain amount of experimentation."

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Now I wanna watch Reno 911

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