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South End could get boutique pot shop

Because of course the South End would get a boutique pot shop. The Boston Sun reports Compassionate Organics is proposing a small "neighborhood-based boutique dispensary" at 633 Tremont St.

The company is holding a required community meeting on the proposal at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 10 at the AC Hotel Ink Block, 225 Albany St.

To open, the company will need a "letter of non-opposition" from the City Council and approval of both the state Cannabis Control Commission and the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals.

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Who wants to pay boutique prices?

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Same people who pay boutique prices for hair cuts, clothes, wine, etc.

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Nancy Know It All Here .. surely, that description by the owners is b/c they are hoping it appeals to locals.

633 Tremont isn't exactly a small building; it's four-stories like every other building on that block of Tremont. It fit ~50 real estate agents when Coldwell Banker was there. I worked in the basement (when I was demoted from the main floor ...)

Also, be clear on location: directly across the street from Villa Victoria, one of the larger fixed-income housing developments in the city.

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