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South End going to the dogs: Failed pressed-smoothie joint on Tremont Street to be replaced by dog-grooming and pet-supply place

The Zoning Board of Appeal this week gave a wag of approval to plans by a pair of dog walkers and groomers to open a brick-and-mortar grooming and pet-supply store at 643A Tremont St., where a previous tenant learned the South End had a limited appetite for pressed smoothies.

"Frankly, there's a lot of dogs in the South End and people have been asking for this, from these guys specifically," Boston Dog Butlers attorney Nick Zozula told the board at a hearing. The company currently operates as a "virtual company," traveling around the South End to provide services at clients' homes.

A veteran pet-services provider from the Fenway rose to support the proposal, agreeing that the South End has "the biggest concentration of dogs in the city or one of them."

Caliga - she told the board she legally goes by just one name, the right to which she applied for "after Cher, but before Madonna" - said hard-charging South End residents "really, really need this grooming service, not just want it," and that Boston Dog Butlers really knows and cares about dogs, to the point that she routinely recommends it to South End residents.

The mayor's office and the office of City Councilor Ed Flynn also supported the proposal. Nobody spoke against.



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Every time I eat in the South End it seems every local walking around has a dog on a leash.

We need those dogs to be well behaved and well groomed!

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Just imagine the amount of dog piss your walking on when you go to dinner. All these dogs make the sidewalks of the neighborhood disgusting. The hipsters of the South End live as if they are in the suburbs.

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...if a dog wants a smoothie?

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