State Police release photos of alleged Beacon Hill class warrior

Class Warfare suspect on Beacon Hill

State Police say they have plenty of images of the guy who's been tagging up the State House and other Beacon Hill buildings with the phrase "class warfare," interspersed with Xs and the word "sick" - now they have to find him.

State Police ask that if you recognize the guy in the photos they released, contact Trooper Timothy Burns at 617-740-7812.



Free tagging: 



Fool on a Hill

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How stupid can one person be. Many of the buildings he has tagged are historical buildings in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.Are their certain rules that govern how to sandblast or remove graffiti on historical buildings as opposed to the MBTA where graffiti remains for months.

Back Bay too!

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Someone’s defaced several historic buildings in Back Bay as well, mostly squiggles, wavy lines and x’s, so it hardly qualifies as graffiti—just vandalism with spray paint. Seems like the same m.o. as the Statehouse vandal. He nailed the Cashman’s house, just after they’ve finished a really beautiful, meticulous, and no doubt incredibly costly restoration of the building’s stonework. I hope BPD can catch the guy!

Wait ...

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Wasn't he the guy shown in the "all hipsters look alike" article?

Maybe the individual who thought he was that guy, but wasn't?

Dammit - they all look alike!

I've seen him before

Wasn't he featured in that MIT hipster article?

If he really wanted to make a statement he would have installed some window ACs.


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Book em Danno!! (how about focus on real crime?!?)