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State rep: Keep e-scooters off most North End streets

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports that state Rep. Aaron Michlewitz wants to keep the narrow streets of "the inner North End" scooter free. The City Council last month approved regulations proposed by Mayor Walsh to set up a system to let companies begin renting scooters in the city.



I would reduce the parking on these narrow streets first. They should close these streets to motorized traffic. Then put narrow lanes in the middle of the street for bikes and other wheeled traffic. That's what they do in Italy.


Er, E-scooters are motorized. So are Vespas.

But the idea of restricting the European street scale North End to appropriately sized vehicles is great.

Allow two wheeled vehicles. Most four wheeled vehicles should be skateboards. Grudgingly accept sub-compacts, and narrow delivery vans in the morning.

If you show up in a full sized vehicle, park it in Newton and take a gondola in, please.


if the engine is less than 50cc, and the top speed is 25 or less. not my favorite regulation but true. I would prefer top speed be 15-20. In pedestrian areas it would be helpful if appropriately slow wheeled vehicles had a lane. Downtown Crossing for example.

Who owns the socialist streets ? But keep them open for dangerous, polluting Internal combustion engines. Eventually the streets will be reclaimed by their owners and made safe and people friendly again and not the property of the fossil fuel industry.


You can't state facts like that about car culture, it might hurt some motorists feelings.

A scooter is a lot narrower than a car.


wants to keep the narrow streets of "the inner North End" scooter free.




(i'm laffing because these scooters can't even get out of their own way sometimes in other cities, do you think some tourist is going to know this? And what about enforcement. We can't even get cops to pull over cars and you want this for scooters. LOLOL)

LOLOLOL.. I better stop laughing, I am going to lose my breath.



State legislators actually get to decide general rules about where vehicles can operate. Pretty easy for him to pick one of the seven or eight pending bills about e-scooters and make it so they can't be on sidewalks in thickly settled areas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

e-scooters are prohibited from all sidewalks today, by state law that exists today. How's that working out in Brookline?

Prohibiting the consumption of coffee and cannoli anywhere in the North End

Make T fares free and improve city commerce!

Or fare free from time to time underwritten by corporate funding like free admissions once a week underwritten by corporate funding at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Please see Free Days https://www.mfa.org/visit


Scooters should be restricted to bike lanes.

those are for bikes.
scooters behave differently, and frankly their operators can't be counted on to understand how bike lanes work.

So is this Not In My Back Streets?