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The suspects were weaving in and out of traffic on Beacon Street

Wicked Local Brookline reports a number of calls to 911 in Brookline about turkeys this week, as usual, including a complaint from Beacon Street:

At 10:19 a.m. police received a report of two turkeys weaving in and out of traffic.

No word if they were apprehended for GUI - gobbling under the influence.

Meanwhile, the state Department of Fisheries and Wildlife advises that March through May is aggro-turkey time:

March through May is breeding season for wild turkeys and as a result, there is an increase in turkey activity all across the Commonwealth. Some turkeys may be seen acting aggressively by pecking, following, or exhibiting other intimidating behavior towards people. Males will puff out their feathers, fan their tails, and "strut their stuff" while gobbling and making other vocalizations. This behavior is common during the breeding season and other times of year when turkeys are establishing social dominance or status within the flock.

Wild turkeys live in flocks organized by pecking order. Each bird is dominant over or "pecks on" birds of lesser social status. Turkeys may attempt to dominate or attack people that they view as subordinates, and this behavior is observed most often during breeding season. They may also respond aggressively and peck shiny objects like windows or automobiles, interpreting their own reflection as an intruding turkey.

So stop feeding the damn things, the state advises. But since many turkeys have already become used to people, the state allows, it might be too late for that:

People are encouraged to scare or threaten bold turkeys with loud noises or water sprayed from a hose. A leashed dog may also be an effective deterrent. Mylar tape, balloons, or pinwheels can be used in and around your property as a deterrent to turkeys; however all these techniques may have variable success for turkeys that have become highly habituated around people.

State guide to preventing conflicts with turkeys.

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All hail the sanctity of TRAFFIC!

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I've found it effective to wave an open can of cranberry sauce at the wattled menaces.

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Unless you're a nurse, doctor, construction worker, trades person companies need to start letting people work from home and maybe come into the office one day of the week. I'd be willing to bet 90% of traffic is created by people going into an office they don't really need to be in and ride shares taking those same people to those places they really don't need to be present in. Traffic problem solved.

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If they were turkeys riding bicycles then they'd get a pass.

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As long as the oppressive Commonwealth treats us as billegerents rather than the rightful inhabitants of Greater Brookline there will be no peace.

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Power to the Turkeys!

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