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T fares go up, protests continue



I'd like to see Charlie BAKER stuck on the MBTA for a change.


Because Baker and not the legislature is responsible for 60+ years of disinvestment and corruption within the MBTA?

The system didn't fall apart overnight. It took decades of neglect, indifference, and theft to run it into the ground.

Want the MBTA fixed? Take away the legislature's state cars and reimbursements for anything but RIDING THE MBTA. Make them ride the system everyday and it will get fixed.


The answer to this situation is fare hikes? The hike is a legislative tactic, but not a Republican one. If Baker was actually a fiscal conservative he would cut all expansion and fill in the pension + operating deficit. It would fall under a "Fix It First" strategy. Fare hikes is a drop in the bucket that causes more harm than good politically. How important is South Coast Rail and the Green Line Extension? Based on the numbers they seem non-essential. What am I missing here?

Baker is specifically responsible for 20 years of disinvestment.


Verifiable total BS.

Can ya'll stop with all the Charlie on the MTA jokes?? sooo played..

My main complaint: $2.40 and $2.90? Really? Does someone's brother-in-law own a dime factory or something?

(Yes, I know the real reason: the legislature limited fare increases to 7% every two years, so the T has to do these small increases or else they miss the chance to do any increase long-term.)


I didn't see any Transit Police enforcing the new fare hikes with their "Your papers please" tactics at the fare gates.

A large group of people standing at a t stop for hours. How do you know it' s a protest?


How true. :-(

Boston pays millions in assessments to the T every year. How about Wu, the council and the mayor all get on board and stiff the state to the tune of what the state is stiffing the city on charter payments? Nobody would pay good money for such crappy service, why should we? (And for everyone that wants the government to run the health care system, just imagine medicare for all as the red line)

"Free fares" is really asking everyone to pay the fares out of tax increases rather than paying at the turnstiles. It's like "free college", everyone including those that never went wind up paying the rest of the lives for someone else's education vs. individuals paying their own bills for x number of years based on whatever personal debt they racked up. There is no free lunch. Someone always has to pay and too many people, including the legislature itself, think that they can pass the bill to someone else and not have to crack open their own wallet. Eventually the money has to come from someone and that someone is usually the face one sees in the mirror in the morning.

(And for everyone that wants the government to run the health care system, just imagine medicare for all as the red line)

Yes because Private Insurance is soooooooooooooo much better right now.

Ask me about my measles teeter and re-vaccination. Right, it was 150 bucks per shot (you need two), plus an office visit of 175. My deductible is 2k so yeah, I had to pay out of pocket.

Fine. Whatever. I don't want the measles. HOWEVER, this saves my insurance carrier thousands in healthcare costs if I *DO* get the measles. Yet it isn't covered AT ALL. I'm doing THEM a favor.

Yeah private insurance is so much better. Premiums have increased and care has gone down.

Sounds kinda like the MBTA. Fares going up, service going down.


Veterans Administration

Medicare as a universal base service and base pricing, fine. So long as we still have the option for private insurance and private pay. You want the full government option, all yours. I'll take the upgrade so I can go to MGH if I want and get my knee replacement in a few weeks instead of a few months.

You actually believe you get some kind of concierge service with private health insurance? My surgery date is October 28.

Haaaaaahahaha you're quaint.

And if you were on a government health program that would be ictober 28, 2022.

Fabulous idea, that'll teach 'em.

(eyes roll back into my head and fall out my ears)

Bus 39 free both ways today cuz it appears the automatic fare collection machines had not been recalibrated. Were all buses free today? Karma-wise, this gives me such pleasure on fare increase day.