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T riders have to keep strong, knowing that things will go wrong

The Red Line was slowed during Rush Hour when a door on one train came up lame; Green Line riders suffered a similar fate due to an entire trolley that couldn't pull its own weight at Government Center.

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once fares go up these things will somehow fix themselves

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They could abolish the fares and then try to figure out how to pay for maintenance (or even run trains.)

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maybe they can somehow ask around and learn how all the road work gets done on all of the state's non-toll roads

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And since the RMV sends the revenues it takes in in excess of what it spends on administration, I guess we can add on Registy fees, too.

But hey, after we lob a third of the T's revenue off, maybe we can abolish the gas tax and all tolls for good measure. I mean, what is the value of money, anyway?

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Let's have a Critical Mass Driving Day. T riders all use or rent cars, leave them where they can in the city (preferably around Beacon Hill).

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This morning, I was on the 87 to Davis from Lechmere.

I was thinking.. "I've been at this new job in Davis for 3 weeks now, and I've only taken the Red Line once. I really should see if it is faster"

*fast forward to work at 9:30am*

*opens Uhub*

Yep this is why I take the 88 and 87 still. Red Line just blows..

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