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They haven't built a fence yet that can stop us, copper

Free-range goats at Dorchester Park

The goats munching their way through poison ivy and other weeds at Dorchester Park are supposed to stay behind some fencing as they work/eat, but as Rachel Greenhaus noticed today, a couple seem to have escaped and were on their way to colonizing one of the tennis courts.

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Couldn't resist...

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I wonder if there was a power outage due to yesterday's atmospheric Taiko Drum and Electric Discharge Festival? They use electric fences to keep these insatiable grazers contained.

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I used two goats in the backyard of a house I lived in J.P. Nothing but poison ivy and thorns and vines. They ate through the entire mess down to bare dirt in three days. I only got head butted once... Amazing animals. All I needed to do was keep their water bucket full.

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