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Train dies on the Orange Line north, T says delays henceforth

The MBTA is reporting delays of up to 20 minutes on the Orange Line, due to a train that had to be taken out of service outbound at State Street, due to the sort of problems that won't happen when the new trains get here, um, whenever. Or as Karyn with a Y put it:

20 minutes for a train. get on and heat is blasting. go one stop and it goes out of service. WHERE ARE THE NEW TRAINS?!



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Not bad, you should see South Station which is suffering from a terminal illness.

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Well its only getting worse. And now Baker is planning on running for a third term so he can finally destroy the T completely.

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You do know that they are getting replacement trains, right?

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Is it 2014 already?

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So what can be done about old trains encountering mechanical issues other than ordering new ones, which has been done?

The true irony of the anon's comment is that come 2022, if Baker really runs, he can point to the new trains on the line as proof that under his leadership, the T is in better shape. And before someone points it out, yes, Patrick signed off on the order, nearly 8 years after being elected the first time.

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