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Truck, SUV go crunch in Chelsea

Truck vs. SUV in Chelseas

Paul Koolloian photographed the aftermath of a crash between an 18-wheeler and an SUV at Spruce and Auburn streets in Chelsea early this morning. He reports no injuries.



...right side suicide. Just sayin'.

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My favorite was ONLY THE GOOD / DIE YOUNG

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You're assuming the SUV was trying to pass the truck - possibly right, also still legal. Could also be that the truck wanted to exit soon and decided to change lanes without checking for cars already there. I was rearended trying to avoid being crushed by a truck delivering cars to a dealership who did this. I could only brake and slam on my horn due to the high curbs and luckily he stopped. The car behind him swerved to avoid hitting him and hit me. If you're that large, you have a responsibility to drive more carefully (you also have a professional license btw). I'd rather be rearended by a Lexus than sideswiped by a distracted truck driver.

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One sleety morning years ago I ended up doing a 180 on Rte. 128 because a truck decided he and I could occupy the same space. He passed on my left and started to pull into my lane before his entire truck was ahead of me.

Thank God the traffic was light and any cars behind me managed to swerve around me. I pulled over until I stopped shaking, went home, and swore I'd never drive in snowy/icy weather again.

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Driver of car was in the truck's blind spot.

Pretty much what happens to anyone who is in a truck's blind spot when it is negotiating a turn.

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If the truck hit the car and the car was in a legal travel lane or parked ... the driver of the TRUCK is in the wrong.

See Also: your driver's manual.

If the truck doesn't fit on the street such that it can make that turn? Should have an escort.

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WRONG on so many levels.

First off, this is an industrial area of Chelsea. There's a lot of very necessary truck traffic, espaecially a truck/trailer combo as standard as this one. This is by no means over sized and certainly doesn't warrant an escort.

Secondly, looking at the car, the photos, and the location I can with near certainty what happened.

The photo in the post is roughly looking in this direction. The truck looks like it was turning from Spruce street onto Auburn when it made contact with the other vehicle. Now Aurburn street is a little narrow, as you can see in this street view. In order for a truck to make that turn they would likely have to slow down, move over into the opposing lane and swing wide so the tires of his trailer clear the curb. Now what happens all too often is the car behind sees the slow moving truck pull over and decides to speed around as the truck begins to make their turn and *bang* contact.

Now how do we prevent this? One key thing to remember as someone else had mentioned, left side passing side, right side suicide. Also that if you can't see the driver in the mirrors, he can't see you.

Lastly, if you're driving in vicinity of a truck(or any large vehicle) and it's moving slowly, and perhaps taking up multiple lanes of travel, then they are likely setting up for a difficult turn, or to back into a loading dock. You should slow down, give them plenty of room and not make their job any more difficult than it is. Sure there are some bad truck drivers out there, but the overwhelming majority of them are just people trying to do their job & make a living.

Source: drove buses & trucks for several years

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Too bad you never read the rules of the road.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but those excuses made by/for truckers aren't the law.

Unless the motorist was passing on the right, the trucker is at fault. If you can't make that turn, then the vehicle is unsafe.

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You will see that it says the driver of the car most likely was trying to pass on the right. Also, this specific incident is pretty clearly spelled out in the driver's manual.

From the Mass. Driving Manual, Page 103

Passing on the Right — Do not
pass a truck or bus on the right unless it
is absolutely necessary. Large vehicles
make wide turns, and sometimes they
must move to the left before making a
wide turn to the right. If you are next to a
truck or bus, you are probably in a blind
spot. Watch for possible right-hand turns,
and stay safely behind until you know
what the driver is doing.

Link in case you need a refresher

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That's victim blaming.

Can't drive it? Don't drive it. The laws are no different in an industrial area.

Truck drivers are beginning to sound like cops and teenagers when it comes to taking responsibility for their actions.

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Unless the car was passing the truck on the right, the truck driver is at fault.

The driver of the truck is responsible for blind spots. Not the driver of the car that the truck is passing.

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On the SUV trying to pass the truck on the right.

As others have noted, to properly clear curbs, trucks often have to cut to the left to make a right. Truck drivers also tend to signal their turns. I'd bet anything that the car ignored the signal and tried to pass the truck.

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Pretty obvious that if the current crop of trucks on our roads present a hazard for drivers to see vehicles or other road users, maybe they shouldn't be on our streets and we should have stricter regulations on what kind of trucks we allow on our roads.


Ya know, for safety and all that, even if it means increasing the cost of moving goods and/or reflects higher product prices. Our safety is worth far more than cheaper goods and services.

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