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VFW Parkway becoming VFW Apartmentway: New proposal for land behind newly opened apartments next to the Home Depot

Developer Peter Davos of West Roxbury is proposing 70 apartments and 18 townhouse condos behind the 80-unit Oak Row apartment building he recently finished on VFW Parkway next to the Home Depot lot.

Davos expects to file detailed plans soon with the BPDA for the 1.4-acre proposal, but in a letter of intent filed this week, he said he will use four lots on either side of Gardner Street - which runs between the Home Depot parking lot and Charles Park Road. The lots currently house buildings used by a plastics company and a contractor, as well as "non-descript residential structures."

The apartments would be built in a "mid-rise" building, the letter says. The condos would all have three bedrooms. Davos is proposing 70 parking spaces for the apartments and a driveway and garage for each of the condos.

In addition to the Oak Row complex and this proposal, another developer has proposed a 258-unit apartment complex down in the strip-mall section of VFW Parkway, next to Prime Motors and in front of the Boston Trailer Park.

178, 189-197 Gardner St. letter of intent (531k PDF).

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But the character of the neighborhood....which doesn’t exist there.

Build it.

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Good spot for them...

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The Needham line runs right next to Home Depot and would be maybe 1/10th of a mile from this new development. There are details to consider (like a parking lot for the station) but this stuff could become "transit friendly" real fast if they added a stop there.

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And they should build out / futureproof it for eventual transition from needham rail to Orange Line

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Baker is never going to approve extending the orange line. He is trying to do the opposite (get more people driving) with repeated fare increases, no gas/toll increases, and massive state sponsored parking structures in places like the squidport.

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98 units, plus the existing complex with 80 units.

I'm all for expanding transit. But what are the standards for the number of new riders needed to justify a new station, considering the construction costs and delays to through passengers?

Also, the VFW train bridge is only a half mile down the tracks from West Roxbury Station.

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I never!

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Tell Kinopio I'll pick him up and bring him if he needs a ride.

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